The Dates

‘Silver Fox #2’

James, 45, Nightclub Owner

‘Lunchtime Rendezvous’

Joe, 35, Start-up Dude

The White Isle

Valentina Roundel

Valentina, 27, Acrobat

Dirty Den

Den roundel

Den, 30, (Wannabe) Music Producer


Joon, 30, Graphic Designer

Red Hot

Johnno, 26, Estate Agent 

Vorsprung durch Technik‘ 


Chad, 37, Salesman

The Writer

Giles roundel

Giles, 45, Writer

Silver Fox #1

John, 61, Viscount of [REDACTED]



Jamie, 37, Property Developer

‘The Bear’


Alexander, 42, Financier

‘Free Love’

12. Charlie-Verity-Rémy-Adonia_Silhouette_Roundel

Charlie, 35, Entrepreneur;

Verity, 34, Promoter;

Rémy, 32, Saxophonist;

Adonia, 40, Theatre Critic

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