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We currently live in a world where comprehensive sex education is still a long way off in many regions. The stigmatisation of sex-related issues, poor body image and shaming sex-positive behviour, is making things difficult for everyone.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

So we launched this web platform to encourage and normalise free and frank discussion about sexuality. We want people to be able to have open and honest conversation about all this stuff without embarrassment, stigma or shame.

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We’re also uplifting the work of as many women of colour as possible, by commissioning lots of us to take on a range of roles within the project.

So far, we’re proud to have the wonderful Parys Gardener illustrating all our dates scenes with such detail. And writers Yomi Adegoke and Bridget Minamore speaking with such passion at our launch event in November. Not to mention sexperts such as Abby Gilfillian and Leah Magoye, writing such insightful pieces for us.

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Momentum for Kayleigh Daniels Dated is growing

To date, the project has been self-funded by Almaz, however, in order to deliver the full content suite we’ve planned, we need the financial backing of individual supporters.

We recently ran a campaign on the platform Crowdfunder. We’re so thankful for the £2,000+ in pledges we’ve received, as it means we’ve been able to crack on with the production and publication of April’s content (month eight).

Founder and Creative Director, Almaz Ohene, Illustrator Parys Gardener Art and Graphic Designer Nat Alie Mortimer have got everything mapped out for the remaining four months of the season – but can only work on producing it all with more financial backing.

So please pledge your support as it’s vital for us to continue reaching people like you and me, to educate everyone about their sexuality, desires and bodies.

For further information and to discuss your personal support of the project, please contact, Almaz Ohene.

Thank you!

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