MysteryVibe Crescendo

The world’s first body-adapting smart six-motor vibrator

Kayleigh unboxes the luxury toy, sets it down on its wireless charging dock and skim-reads the instructions. With six motors running along its entire length, 12 pre-set vibration patterns to choose from, and a slick app to build unique journeys to orgasm, she’s already excited.

It’s lined with joints along the internal frame, which means it can bend into a ‘C’-shape to target G-spot stimulation, a ‘U’-shape for dual vaginal and clit stimulation. And wraps into an ‘O’ for penile stimulation. Yes, it’s unisex ??.

Going solo

She replays all the hottest moments from her recent ‘sexcapades’. Getting finger-banged by James in that Uber… licking mango sorbet straight out of Valentina… leaving colour-changing bruises on Joon

She’s dripping wet.

She places the Crescendo so that the narrow end stimulates her G-spot, and the other rests firmly between her labia reaching her clit. She lies back, lifts her legs to tighten her grip around it. And, slowly, alternates her leg movements to squeeze the toy in and out.

Each motor is separately controlled, and she flicks through all the sequences to find her favourite. She cranks up the intensity and really, really enjoys herself.

Video credit: MysteryVibe


Partner Play

Kayleigh invites her current date round. He can’t wait to get started.
In one swift movement, she pulls his belt off. He ties her wrists behind her back and places her down on the bed.

She can’t move.

He walks across to the other side of the room and connects the Crescendo, which is already between Kayleigh’s legs, to the app via Bluetooth. Each pattern can be customised and intensified before being loaded onto the device wirelessly. He experiments with the different vibration patterns and watches intently as her body reacts.

He finds a rhythm she really really likes, edging her closer and closer to orgasm.

They lock eyes. He sees her body begin to convulse. With a single tap he turns it down.


He responds with another couple of taps on the iPhone screen. The motors whir into action again. She’s breathless. She’s not sure what sensations to expect next.

He strides over, lowers his full weight down onto her body, and smears his tip across her stomach. He taps the screen a few more times.

She comes. Hard. As he unties her, she wriggles out of the wet patch. She takes the iPhone out of his hand and checks to see how fluid-proof her sheets are ?.

Video credit: MysteryVibe


You can purchase the Crescendo from MysteryVibe via the website:



The MysteryVibe Crescendo was gifted to Kayleigh Daniels Dated Founder and Creative Director Almaz Ohene, as a thank you for speaking on the ‘Dating in the Digital Age’ panel, programmed by SODA in April 2019.